Why Does CueOps Exclusively Use WordPress?

CueOps is committed to WordPress.  The team has carefully worked with and considered the use of other platforms.  The CueOps team has decided to offer only WordPress sites and here’s why.


WordPress Has Few if Any Limits Other than Your Imagination

With right at 75 million sites (v. Joomla at less than 5 million, and Drupal at less than 1 million as of 2015), WordPress has tens of thousands of themes and plugins.  And these are growing and improving constantly due to the sheer volume of WordPress sites.   This means that there are few if any limitations beyond your imagination on your website’s design and functionality.


WordPress Performs

At CueOps, the mantra is traffic.  What good is a website if nobody can find it?  WordPress provides the tools and functionality via the aforementioned thousands upon thousands of themes and plugins.  This functionality brings traffic.

It is interesting that many companies in the web marketing and development profession confuse appearance with performance and effectiveness.  This is particularly true of those that have built their own platforms.  These proud and often technically brilliant companies build their customer sites in a vast desert void where nobody can find them and certainly not happen upon them as search engines are designed to do.

Plain and simple, the way to get found is through search engines.  You do not want potential customers to get to you only through the web address you have on your business card.  You want them to get there because they are looking for what you offer to the public. This can only be accomplished through functional design and construction.  WordPress offers everything necessary to make this happen.


CueOps WordPress Sites are Easy to Use and They Perform

WordPress is the easiest web development platform to use requiring minimal training and very little technical skill beyond the basic use of a computer. Both Drupal and Joomla require a great deal more training and technical skill.

Admittedly, when people inexperienced with website management visit the WordPress administration page, it can appear a little daunting.  However, at its core, WordPress is very easy to learn and use effectively at the organizational level.

CueOps builds the site with traffic in mind.  There are numerous tools that have been carefully vetted for performance and ease of use.  These are incorporated into the base website package.  The tools are ready to go with only a little bit of training required to kick the site off right.  CueOps also provides a library of tutorials in the WordPress admin on each of the tools incorporated into the site so that the customer can get the most out of each of the tools.

CueOps’ WordPress sites peform, plain and simple.  This after all is the goal of any webcentric marketing and public relations campaign.

WordPress is Adaptable and Portable

There are a few things that many website owners or owners to be do not consider in launching a site.  Here are three very important considerations in choosing a web development platform such as WordPress:

1.       The possibility of a complete redesign or overhaul of the website,

2.       The costs of ongoing maintence and coding on the website, and

3.       The possibility that one day they may want to part company with their web development firm.

Each of these is handled with ease with a WordPress site.  This is not so for the other two top platforms and is certainly not true of proprietary or cheapster sites.

WordPress sites due to the massive number of themes and plugins are readily redesigned and overhauled with very little risk if done properly of losing the traffic that your site has achieved in the process.  Related to this is the fact that WordPress has an abundance of competent web developers which is again related to the dominance of WordPress platform.  This means that customers where needed can find reasonably priced web development services where other platforms are more expensive and completely excluded by proprietary platforms.

Finally, and most importantly, a site owner should have the option and the unobstructed right to fire its web development team.  CueOps embraces this right and WordPress makes it reality.  Of course, CueOps strives to avoid this through the success of our clients’ sites.  CueOps’ success will be judged by the success of our clients.  In the event that CueOps does not perform, the client can take their site down the road to a company that will.  This is made possible by WordPress.

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