Web Development, Marketing and Public Relations for Social Change

First and foremost, CueOps’ mission is social change. This comes from the work that we do not just with our clients but on the issues themselves. Our team is comprised of social and economic justice minded individuals who have worked extensively toward the goal of social change.

Web Driven Social Change

In addition to our various backgrounds fighting for justice, CueOps has a highly skilled technology, web development and web marketing team. CueOps understands that getting a message out requires the proper tools. A marketing team at the client level has little value unless the team has the right tools to work with. CueOps provides the tools and know how that allows our clients’ messages to reach their audiences.

Early Web Development and Marketing Successes

The team came together in early 2016 to work on some socially conscious projects. The early successes have been rather extraordinary. One client in particular went from no ranking at all and next to zero traffic to a remarkable level of web traffic in very competitive area of advocacy. The revamped web presence along with a little creative third party marketing and public relations efforts made it possible.

The organization in question has a very powerful and compelling message. Their work is extraordinary earning them national media attention over the years. Despite these successes, their website and overall web presence was not equipped to take advantage of the opportunities. Their site was before CueOps got involved attractive but like many fell into the trap of style over function.

Web Tools That Work for Change

CueOps takes a different approach. Many website development firms go for flash over function.  Unfortunately for clients, this does not help their cause.  Failure to focus on functionality means the sites do not get found and worse, the message does not get heard.

CueOps focuses first on function and effectiveness. This is particularly important for small organizations like progressive minded non-profits groups, organizations and individuals who are working on limited budgets. Flash can be very expensive and if it is necessary at all should come with success. No matter how beautiful your site, if your message is not heard or seen, then there is little hope for the change you seek.

Engine of Social Change

CueOps is the both the architect and the coach. We provide the tools and the guidance to get you where you need to be to achieve your goals. We like to think that our sites will be engines of social change. With a “rising tide” approach to social change, the more progressive socially minded messages that get out, the better for us all.

Your message should be among them.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Big Rewards.

Parrish Collins
Parrish Collins
Parrish is a practicing attorney. His primary area of practice for a number of years has been in the advocacy of patient rights. However, his practice has a significant focus on individual and family rights in dealing with insurance, corporate and government forces who would otherwise trample them.

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Zach Lovelady
Zach Lovelady
Zach has worked as a professional software engineer for 16 years, with 8 of those focused on web development. He has logged 100+ successful web projects in that time. He brings that experience to bear for CueOps’ clients, steering them towards efficient, cost-effective technical solutions.

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Javier Romero
Javier Romero
Javier brings over 15 years of web development and design experience to CueOps. He is a triple-threat in the web world, with solid web development skills, a keen eye for design, and project management chops. Javier studied Fine Arts and Design at UNM.

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Guy Gambill
Guy Gambill
Over the course of Guy’s long career he has focused a considerable proportion of his efforts on problems faced by veterans. Following his Honorable Discharge from active duty with the United States Army in 1985, Guy finished his BA at the University of Minnesota, with a focus in Languages and Linguistics.

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