Corporations, Not the Poor, Are the Biggest Beneficiaries of Welfare Programs

Those political and economic interests and individuals which often complain so loudly about public welfare programs such as Food Stamps (SNAP) or Rental Assistance are themselves the biggest recipients of public welfare.  In a 2014 report entitled, Subsidizing the Corporate One Percent: Subsidy Tracker 2.0 Reveals Big-Business Dominance of State and Local Development Incentives  from Good Jobs First a review of cumulative government subsidy dollars was conducted: It was found that 17 corporations received subsidies over one billion dollars and another 182 had received one hundred million or more each.

Major Corporations Lead the Way in Taking/Demanding Corporate Handouts

A very small percentage of total companies receiving subsidies received the lion’s share of allocated public funding.  Giving a huge multi-national company a billion dollars a year represents corporate welfare, period.  The interests and individuals behind these corporate entities would have us believe that it is not their greed, corruption and avarice that have ruined our economy, but single moms receiving public assistance. In truth, the largest recipient of corporate welfare, Boeing, receives double each year what the entire Supplemental Nutrition program (WIC) program is allocated to feed low income women and children in the United States!

Many will recall the Congressional hearings in 2008 when the CEOs of the three largest auto companies (Ford, Chrysler and GM) flew to Washington DC in their private to beg for public subsidies to cover the costs of their excess and mismanagement.  Despite wide outcry and anger, the public picked up the tab.

Corporate Welfare Begets Corporate Influence Over Politics

Corporate interests, through the provision of corporate welfare subsidies, have been fleecing the American public for decades and it’s only getting worse. In addition, these same interests unduly influence policy-makers and the legislative process to ensure that they continue as the chief beneficiaries of government subsidies. This set of practices and influences perhaps represent the single greatest threat to civil society and democracy in the United States.

At CueOps this fundamental threat to our way of life is clearly recognized and understood. Our mission is to assist those individuals and organizations fighting against corporate excess and corruption.