Effectively using LinkedIn for marketing is a sound strategy for Non-Profits. A very useful article from the Content Marketing Institute provides excellent insights into the use of LinkedIn. The information imparted is applicable both to small business enterprise and to non-profit organizations. Effective use of social media is a must for any non-profit venture in today’s competitive environment and LinkedIn has clearly become one of the most highly utilized social media venues by professionals.

The Importance of Profile

Of paramount importance is your linked in Profile: Finishing your profile results in a 40% increase in the likelihood of engagement from potential clients, donors and other stake-holders. Inclusion of education, credentials, past employment, accomplishments, awards, location, listing of specific skill-sets and the accrual of at least fifty LinkedIn connections will serve to raise your profile considerably. The use of a good profile photo will also help draw attention to your page and message. Branding should also be a consideration and the utilization of your profile photo to accomplish branding may be a great idea.

Additional Enhancements and Tricks

Other things you can do to enhance the level of visibility so that your message gets out there more widely would include publishing directly from your profile and ensuring that you include graphics, outbound links to useful references and choosing catchy titles for the content you post. Additionally, cross-sharing your published content across other social media venues will also heighten the level of attention and the amount of traffic you generate.


60+ LinkedIn Profile Tips for Marketers

The power of LinkedIn for personal branding is here to stay, especially when you’re aware of all the tricks that can help you strengthen your profile. 60+ LinkedIn Profile Tips for Marketers