Facebook has become a very powerful tool for marketing, sales and public relations.  Facebook ads can have enormous positive return if done properly.   Simply put it gets your message to the audience you want to reach.

There are all kind of tricks of the trade to effectively use Facebook and Facebook Ads to promote your organization and message.  In the world of social and economic justice, Facebook provides a very receptive audience.  Of course, there will be the detractors who may be quite vocal about their disapproval of your messages.  However, the very fact that they chime in often very hostile commentary serves as avenue for further promotion, i.e. think “here’s the perfect example of what we just posted”.

If you have a social or economic justice type organization or cause, you owe it to yourself and your audience to engage on Facebook.  You will be very happy you did.

Here are a number of good suggestions from Search Engine Watch.

4 Killer Facebook Hacks You Should Be Using – Search Engine Watch

Whether you’re using these tricks to improve your Facebook marketing for your business or blog, or just using them to pare down your Facebook time and be more efficient, they should help make you the life of the (social media) party! 4 Killer Facebook Hacks You Should Be Using