Texas Conservatives Have an Agenda, but it has Little to do with a Concern for Women’s Health

This past Monday the United States Supreme Court handed down a very important ruling for abortion rights activists and a woman’s right to choose, striking down a measure in the State of Texas.  Known as House Bill 2 (HB2) the legislation imposed undue burdens upon women seeking the termination of a pregnancy. Passed in 2014 by a predominantly male and Republican legislature, the measure ostensibly sought to protect women’s health and safety by imposing a wide range of costly and cumbersome requirements upon facilities where abortions could be performed. The intent behind the measure was clear: close down clinics across the State and limit access to services for women.

Evidence is a Good Thing to Have When you Go to Court, Isn’t It?

Tell that to the Republican Legislators in Texas behind HB2 who apparently felt evidence wasn’t all that important when you push for legislation that potentially impacts tens of thousands of women. Unfortunately, a majority of Supreme Court Justices did recognize the importance of evidence in a court case and they had the temerity to insist that the State of Texas provide some. Justice Stephen Breyer delivered the majority opinion and noted, “When directly asked at oral argument whether Texas knew of a single instance in which the new requirement would have helped even one woman obtain better treatment, Texas admitted that there was no evidence in the record of such a case.”  While the Higher Court has rendered some deplorable decisions of late, this wasn’t one of them. Public policy should be grounded in empiricism and evidence and not based upon conjecture and sketchy agendas.

Nevertheless, the Perpetuation of the Same Falsehoods Will Continue

Though soundly rebuffed by the Supreme Court’s ruling, Republican legislators remained undaunted and continued to mouth the same talking points: All they really wanted to do was safeguard the health and safety of women in the State of Texas. After all, evidence is just another liberal parlor trick. The war on women and the poor continues though it is continually dressed up as something else. The chicanery will continue and there can be little doubt that, by hook or crook, the forces of reaction will continue to forward the same dark agendas across the country.

Why Republican Lawmakers in Texas Seem Out of Touch With Reality

On Monday, in the biggest victory for abortion rights in decades, the Supreme Court struck down two major parts of Texas’s omnibus abortion bill, House Bill 2. After years of contention and confusion over whether or not the bill placed an undue burden on women seeking to terminate a pregnancy, the ruling came down to something incredibly simple: When pressed to provide any evidence at all that the bill actually makes abortion safer for women, as Republican lawmakers in Texas have long promised, no such evidence could be presented. Because Texas didn’t have any.  Read More

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