Hosting is not the place you want to save money on your website. This is particularly true of nonprofits. The costs associated with budget hosting can very quickly be outweighed by the many costs.


One of the greatest problems with budget hosting is downtime. Budget hosting does not provide 24/7 uptime monitoring. In fact, with budget hosting, the only way you will likely know your site is down is if you notice or one of your friends or supporters lets you know.

Downtime is more than a lapse in the delivery of your message or your sites other mission goals. Downtime, especially frequent downtime, will affect your ranking in search engines such as Google. This can result in a significant loss of web presence which will undo much of the work that you have done to get that presence which brings with it traffic.

Bad Neighborhoods – IP addresses matter

As far as search engines are concerned, your site will be judged by your neighborhood. Your neighborhood is the IP address where your site is hosted. One IP can have hundreds of sites. When speaking of budget hosting, this is not uncommon. In addition, you cannot choose your neighborhood. In short, your site could end up on an IP address with many less than reputable sites. This does not help your own site.

Site Speed

Budget hosting can come with very slow site speeds. Site speed is a Google ranking factor. Slow sites are hard to get ranked. Worse yet, after all the work you do to get a visitor to your site, they may exit without ever seeing your message or seeing your call to action.

Daily Backups

As we have all learned of late, nobody and no site is safe from hacking. Likewise, many organizations have fallen victim to disgruntled employees, web developers, webmaster and others that decide to try to take your site down.

Backups are critical. If your site were to be hacked or erased with no backup, you could lose all the work that you have done on site. Your site could literally disappear from the web and the public.

With daily backups, your site can quickly reappear in its pre-hack glory.

CueOps Insists on Premium Hosting

CueOps only uses premium hosting. Clients may resist the higher costs. However, CueOps views it as preventive. Budget hosting causes many issues. Web developers and webmasters are pretty expensive. Having them come in to fix the issues is expensive.

The bottom line is CueOps wants our clients to succeed. We are all invested personally in social and economic justice. Our success will be judged, at least by ourselves, by the success of our clients in getting their messages out and achieving their missions. CueOps simply cannot and will not provide a product strapped with a ticking bomb.