In 2010 the United States Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United that Corporations were essentially the same as individual persons in terms of contributions to political campaigns. This infamous ruling ushered in a flood of dark money into our political process, corrupting candidates and the underpinnings of democracy. It became possible to buy politicians. The interests of civil society have been very poorly served and the corrosive impacts of this decision have become manifest throughout our society.

To add Insult to Injury the Highest Court in the Nation Upholds Bribery

To add insult to injury, this week the same Supreme Court, led by Justice Roberts, has now given the nod to the bribing of Governors. Former Governor of Virginia Robert McDonnell had been convicted for accepting monies and gifts from corporate interests whose aim it was to influence legislation.

Opposition from a Variety of Advocacy and Citizens Groups Mounts

A variety of citizens and legal advocacy groups have decried the decision as abhorrent noting it posed a danger to national interests and the well-being of a functioning democracy. Among those in opposition might be mentioned the following; Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Democracy 21 and Public Citizen.

We stand with and support those individuals and organizations who fight against such encroachments by the corporate sector upon the cornerstones of a functioning and representative democracy.

The Supreme Court That Allowed Corporations to Buy Elections Has Now Approved the Bribing of Governors

The High Court’s decision in the McDonnell case says it’s okay for billionaires to buy the services of elected officials with lavish “gifts.”

By John Nichols

JUNE 28, 2016
The same Supreme Court that unleashed a torrent of political corruption with its Citizens United ruling of 2010 has now expanded its support for legalized bribery with a unanimous decision to vacate former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell’s conviction for corruption.

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