What is a Call to Action?

The call to action (CTA) is why you want people to visit your site.  In the social and economic justice domain, there are a few that are common:

  • Take action on your issues however you define that action
  • Pass the message along to others
  • Volunteer for the organization
  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • Support the organization through donations

There are many others as well.  Moreover, they may change and change frequently depending upon the organizations goals at any given time.

Call to Action Must be Forceful

The CTA cannot be subtle.  It cannot be buried at the bottom of the page.  It should be forceful and always there as with the folks behind the progressive minded organizations.

The CTA must be as forceful as is your mission.

The Science of the Call to Action

The call to action has been studied at length by marketers.  There are some pretty clear guidelines:

  • Size is important.  The call to action should be large enough to grab the visitors attention but not so big as to obstruct your message.
  • Placement is important.  The CTA should be on every page of your site.
  • Relevance to the page is important.  The same call to action might not be appropriate or effective on every page.  Sometimes, a page deserves a unique CTA
  • Design is important.  The CTA should be well designed to move the visitor toward your goals rather than scaring them off
  • Most importantly, the CTA should be easy to achieve.  If you are asking for volunteers or donations, don’t make it hard.  Make it as easy and fast as possible.

 Tools for the Call to Action

There are many tools for the creating a good CTA.  Likewise, there are good tools to process the CTA whether it is a donation, volunteer, signup for newsletter or anything else you have in mind.

Creating the CTA is more about the imagination of the user than the technology.  The technology is there.  We know this because CueOps has it.  The fully loaded packages come with the capability for creating any call to action you see fit.  These can be done on the fly as needs change each day.

The CueOps fully loaded sites include customized forms including basic contact forms to advanced surveys.  They can be fully integrated to a database for other uses. Or they can integrate directly with your email marketing campaign.   There are countless ways limited only by your imagination to use the call to action to promote and achieve your mission.   After all, this is why you invited them to the site to begin.