Get a Plan

Formulating an action plan for low-cost fundraising in the non-profit sector is an essential need for any organization. Individual donors usually comprise a significant portion of non-profit revenue and deriving and following a plan to both build donor d-bases and attract new donors is very important.

Implement and Perfect Online Fundraising Strategies

Perhaps the most cost-effective of approaches is to conduct on-line fundraising, On-line approaches to fundraising provide significant savings as opposed to more traditional approaches such as hosting events and direct-mail marketing. There are a number of techniques that will allow non-profit organizations to maximize their digital impact in this realm. Many non-profits do not well understand, for example, how to effectively formulate and launch an on-line campaign. Utilizing  a crowdfunding utility or resource involves a bit more than merely creating a page and putting it “on the internet” then wondering why meager returns are the result.  Effectively utilizing social media, current supporters, board engagement and the procurement of cost-effective products and services are all key elements to success.

Seek Outside Help Where Needed

Many organizations, particularly start-ups, may not have someone on staff with technical savvy to lay the groundwork for an on-line fund-raising strategy. If your organization doesn’t have someone on-staff with the knowledge necessary to craft and field such a strategy for the digital world, you would be wise to invest in someone who does.  Even with staff, outside services should greatly enhance what they are already doing.  In fact, utilizing outside resources may be most productive, flexible and economical.