Homelessness and Veterans

Every night tens of thousands of veterans sleep on the streets of America.  Many of them are haunted by their war-time experience in the jungles of Southeast Asia, upon the deserts of Iraq or in the mountains of Afghanistan. There exists perhaps no single greater affront to our sense of justice than that represented by combat veterans who returned home to sleep under bridges or on our streets. Most of us would agree that this should never happen and yet it does, decade after decade, year after year, night after night. The National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) indicated that in 2014 there were 49,933 homeless veterans in the United States. This represents a mark of national shame.


How Can We Resolve this Terrible Injustice?

Perhaps the best way to resolve the problem of veterans experiencing homelessness is to foster integrated approaches at the community level. This means building partnerships and networking more effectively across social sectors. In short, people need to communicate with one another.  It has often been said that it takes a village to raise a child—it also takes a village to fix a problem like homelessness among veterans.  You cannot fix a problem without making connections effectively and building the capacity to respond in a timely manner to emerging situations.


It Does Take a Village Communicating Effectively

In today’s world this requires a web-based digital presence. Simply put, if you lack a solid web-presence that allows you to communicate well and broadcast your message loudly your ability to be effective will be sorely diminished.  Due to vary different considerations in the realms of funding, State and local laws, availability of local housing and many other factors veterans facing or experiencing homelessness will vary widely in their needs from community to community.  Any organization dealing with this set of issues will need to adapt rapidly, be well-networked and message well.  At CueOps we can help you accomplish these goals.